Exploring the Unique and Unusual Establishments in Los Angeles County, CA

Los Angeles County, CA is known for its glitz and glamour, with Hollywood being the epicenter of the entertainment industry. But beyond the bright lights and celebrity sightings, there are also unique and unusual establishments that make this county stand out.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Located in Culver City, the Museum of Jurassic Technology is a one-of-a-kind establishment that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. This museum is dedicated to showcasing a collection of oddities and curiosities that range from scientific to artistic. Visitors can explore exhibits such as a display of microminiature sculptures, a room dedicated to Soviet space dogs, and a collection of letters from people who have experienced hallucinations. The Museum of Jurassic Technology is not your typical museum experience.

It challenges visitors to question what is real and what is not, making it a must-visit for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

The Last Bookstore

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles lies The Last Bookstore, a unique establishment that combines a love for literature with art and culture. This bookstore is housed in a former bank building and features an eclectic mix of new and used books, as well as vinyl records and artwork from local artists. But what sets The Last Bookstore apart is its famous book tunnel. Made up of over 250,000 books, this tunnel is a sight to behold. Visitors can walk through the tunnel and immerse themselves in a world of literature.

The Last Bookstore also hosts events such as book signings, live music performances, and art shows, making it a hub for creativity in the city.

The Museum of Death

For those with a fascination for the macabre, the Museum of Death in Hollywood is a must-visit. This museum is not for the faint of heart, as it showcases a collection of artifacts and exhibits related to death and its various forms. Visitors can explore displays of crime scene photos, serial killer artwork, and even a collection of coffins. The Museum of Death also offers guided tours that delve into the history of death and its cultural significance. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those interested in the darker side of life, this museum is a fascinating and unique experience.

The Bunny Museum

In Pasadena, there is a quirky establishment that is dedicated to all things bunnies.

The Bunny Museum is home to over 35,000 bunny-related items, making it the largest collection in the world. Visitors can see everything from bunny figurines to bunny-themed artwork and even live bunnies roaming around the museum. The Bunny Museum started as a personal collection by owners Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski, who have been dubbed the "Bunny Couple." They have turned their love for bunnies into a unique and charming museum that has gained worldwide attention. Visitors can even bring their own bunny-related items to add to the collection.

The Velveteria

The Velveteria in Chinatown is a hidden gem that is dedicated to velvet paintings. This museum features a collection of over 3,000 velvet paintings from all over the world, showcasing the diverse styles and subjects that can be created on this unique medium. Visitors can see everything from classic portraits to pop culture icons, all done in vibrant and velvety colors.

The owners, Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin, have been collecting these paintings for over 20 years and have created a one-of-a-kind museum that celebrates this often overlooked art form.

The Museum of Neon Art

Neon signs are a staple in the Los Angeles landscape, and the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) in Glendale is dedicated to preserving and showcasing this iconic art form. This museum features a collection of vintage neon signs, as well as contemporary neon art pieces. MONA also offers workshops and classes for those interested in learning how to create their own neon art. The museum's mission is to educate the public about the history and cultural significance of neon signs, making it a unique and educational establishment in Los Angeles County.

The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle in Hollywood is a legendary establishment that has been entertaining audiences with its magic shows since 1963. This exclusive club is open only to members and their guests, adding to its allure and mystique. The Magic Castle features different rooms with different magic shows happening simultaneously. Visitors can also enjoy dinner at the castle's restaurant before or after the shows.

The dress code is strictly enforced, adding to the old-school charm of this unique establishment.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

Located in Hollywood, the Museum of Broken Relationships is a one-of-a-kind establishment that explores the universal experience of heartbreak. This museum features a collection of donated items from people all over the world, each with a story of a past relationship attached to it. Visitors can see everything from love letters to wedding dresses, all with a story of love and loss behind them. The Museum of Broken Relationships is a powerful and emotional experience that reminds us of the universal human experience of heartbreak.

In Conclusion

Los Angeles County, CA is home to many unique and unusual establishments that offer visitors a different perspective on the city. From museums that blur the lines between fact and fiction to quirky establishments dedicated to specific themes, there is something for everyone to explore and discover in this diverse county. So next time you're in Los Angeles, take a break from the usual tourist spots and check out these one-of-a-kind establishments.

Who knows, you may just find your new favorite spot in the city.